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Fly your way, on your schedule

All in the safety and comfort of your own private, twin engine aircraft. Eagle Air Enterprises offers a variety of Private Aircraft Charter Services. Executive Charters. Private Charters. Government Charters. Industry Charters. Air Freight Transportation.

Where We Fly

We fly everywhere in Canada. The North, the Pacific, the Prairies, the Atlantic and all that is in between. For those in remote Northern areas, we provide on-demand air travel options. We’ll fly wherever you need, whenever you need us!

Eagle Air offers you a better way to appreciate the beauty found across this great land, and the view of Canada's natural splendor is second to none.

Tell us where you want to go and we're happy to go. Every new location is an opportunity for us to explore this amazing land.


Piper Seneca 2

Eagle Air Piper Seneca 2 A 5 passenger Piper Seneca is currently available for clients who require a more cost effective option. The Piper Seneca has a respectable cargo capacity and can accommodate bulky freight.

Piper Navajo

Eagle Air Navajo A 7 passenger Piper Navajo is also available for clients who require a more spacious option to accommodate their needs. The Navajo has the cabin and payload capacity to get the job done.

High Safety Standards

Aircraft are impeccably maintained to the highest standard. Your safety is always our top priority! We may be small compared to the airlines, but our safety standards are every bit as strict.

First Nations and Trade Discounts

We currently offer discounts for both First Nations and Tradespeople. Northern residents who wish to pool their resources and charter an Eagle Air Enterprises aircraft will achieve significant savings over scheduled carriers.

Customer Shuttle Services

We primarily fly out of St. Andrews Manitoba which can sometimes be a challenge for people to get to from Winnipeg. Upon request we offer customer shuttle services to and from Winnipeg and the surrounding area. We want your travel experience to be as smooth and comfortable as possible. No matter where you’re going, we take the stress out of travel! Our goal is to get you where you are going. All the way.

24/7 On Call Service

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer daytime and overnight charters in addition to pick-up and drop-off services – just let us know where you need to go and we’ll take you! Contact us to find out more or to schedule your flight!

Contact Us

If you have any additional questions about our charter services, flying locations, our company or you just want to chat please contact us today!